Rollgator Troubleshooting Support

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Password protected RSS Feed

The free version of RollGator is not compatible with password protected source. Only public feed can be aggregate and displayed.
If you want to use protected feed and other specific feature please Contact Us

Low performance

If you experience a very low speed of scrolling/sliding news due to slow video adapter you can apply this workaround that works fine: Select a low screen resolution (800x600 or 1024x768) and choose a template whithout image background and banner (the Old-PC template family).

Unable to login

The RollGator login requires cookie acceptance, so you must enable cookies on your browser. If cookie are not accepted you are redirected to homepage and you  must enable cookie first an then log in. Don't sign in more than once.

Missing password

At current development status there are no password recovery feature. Please contact us to to recovery password.

*ERROR* Login to RollGator and set correct feeds and parameters

The configuration or the URL of your display is incorrect. Login to RollGator and set correct feeds and parameters from the User Display Control Panel. Then get the updated URL of your display.

*ERROR* Feeds unavaiable

Your feeds are broken or temporarly unavaiable. Many broken feed hang page refresh, all broken feeds give you this error. Check periodically your feeds and login to RollGator for update the URL of your feed from the User Display Control Panel. This error have auto recovery and reload broken feeds every 5 minutes.