Be informed! Always with Rollgator!

To be informed is becoming always more and more important. Outside, we get news from public information displays placed in the airports, railway stations, motorways stations, in cinemas and entrance halls. On our computers and mobiles, we constantly keep updated through our favourite RSS Feed.

Rollgator - the Rolling Aggregator - is the new application to match these two information sources: public information displays and RSS feed. With Rollgator news and informations roll on display altogether and automatically.

You can now easily create your own wide screen, with a professional aspect, displaying your favourite news coming from the web. News and more: dates, activities, podcasts, classes, deadlines, your blogs, your enterprise portal like SharePoint, your Content/Learning Management Systems and all the things you run on the web.

You only need a computer and a screen to hang on a wall. Rollgator will put together everything, complying with all web applications providing RSS feed. You can rely on Rollgator either at home (in your kitchen or living room) or at work (in your company's entrance hall or meeting room).

Rollgator will remind you things to do, help you communicate with your colleagues, keep an eye on news and never miss what's on the web.


Rollgator is free and easy:

You can use any display you like connected to a PC and a browser, no matter the dimensions and performance. Of course the wider the screen the more professional the installation will be (like public displays). Rollgator is compatible with all operating systems. You can even use low cost or older PC or the small size nettop/minimac computers.

To create and manage your display you must register a new Rollgator account. It's totally free. Every account can aggregate more feeds, through your account select your favorite source and chose style, animation, colour and much more. To see the news set the URL created by RollGator as your homepage and set the browser in fullscreen or kiosk mode.

In the How To section you can find more hints and useful things.